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Commercial Electrical Contractors

Yorkshire Commercial Electrical Contractors

Yorkshire’s trusted commercial electrical contractor. With over 15 years of experience wiring offices, warehouses, and industrial facilities, we are the top choice for businesses seeking reliable electrical installations and upgrades. Our master electricians specialize in commercial lighting, power distribution, and motor controls. Contact us today if you need a licensed and insured electrical contractor for your next commercial project in Yorkshire.

Professional Commercial Electricians

Heron Electrical is not just a service provider; we are your partners in optimizing your commercial facility’s electrical systems. Our expertise spans lighting design, power distribution, motor controls, and backup power, making us a one-stop-shop for all your business’s electrical needs.

Our master electricians are highly skilled and specially trained to deliver quality installations and upgrades for commercial settings. We take pride in our specialized knowledge and commitment to providing innovative electrical solutions for warehouses, factories, offices, retail stores, and more.

Contact Heron Electrical today to discuss how we can help enhance your power infrastructure and achieve greater energy efficiency for your commercial property. As your trusted electrical contractor, we are dedicated to delivering both expertise and reliability.

Commercial Applications

At Heron Electrical, our licensed electricians have extensive experience wiring and upgrading facilities for a wide range of commercial applications. We frequently work on electrical projects for office buildings, warehouses, factories, retail stores, hotels, schools, hospitals, and more. No job is too big or too small for our team of experts.

We handle everything from installing lighting systems and motors to upgrading service panels and implementing backup power. Heron Electrical specialsies in providing custom electrical solutions tailored to your industry’s unique needs – whether your business operates heavy equipment, cold storage, computer servers, or any other electrical demands. You can rely on our commercial electrical contractors for the skill, knowledge and attention to detail your business requires.

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Commercial Solar

At Heron Electrical, we utilize state-of-the-art solar equipment and advanced installation techniques to deliver the highest quality commercial solar projects. Our work isn’t just reliable and durable, but fully compliant with all industry standards and regulations.

As a fully licensed and insured solar electrical contractor, you can have complete confidence that our solar services will be carried out safely, professionally, and to the highest standards, giving you peace of mind.

Whether it’s rooftop solar on your warehouse or a large solar farm, we tailor our solar electrical installations to meet the specific needs of your commercial property.

We specialise in solar battery storage integration and EV charging solutions to enhance the efficiency and versatility of your solar system.

Our solar expertise goes beyond just panels. We also offer customized lighting upgrades, power optimization, and electrical infrastructure improvements to further reduce energy consumption and costs.

For premium commercial solar electrical services, choose Heron Electrical as your trusted partner.

Our Electrical Process

The first step is a site evaluation and consultation to assess your facility’s electrical needs, roof/property conditions, and ideal solar system design.

Next, we handle all permitting and paperwork required to get your solar project approved with the necessary authorities and utilities.

Once permits are secured, we install commercial grade solar panels using efficient mounting systems on your roof or ground area. We utilize the highest quality components to maximize solar output.

Our electricians then wire the solar array to safely integrate it with your electrical system and existing equipment. This includes connections to inverters, batteries, and monitoring systems.

Throughout the installation, we follow stringent safety procedures and conduct inspections and testing to ensure proper functioning.

We can also install EV chargers, energy storage, and other electrical upgrades to make your building more sustainable.

Finally, we provide maintenance and monitoring services to keep your solar array performing optimally for decades.

Our team coordinates every phase seamlessly to deliver a custom commercial solar electrical solution for your business. We are committed to the highest quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

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Let’s work together on your next electrical project

We’re continuously seeking to build new relationships and would be delighted to speak about your requirements, offering honest, cost-effective and specialist advice.