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Referral Scheme

Get rewarded for referring Heron Electrical to a friend, relative or colleague, and support the adoption of a more sustainable future.

Terms & Conditions

Effective from: 1st April 2023


From April 1st 2023, Heron Electrical Ltd has launched a “Referral Scheme”, to which previous, and current, Heron Electrical Ltd Customers, and the Referred Customer(s) can benefit from unlimited e-voucher rewards.
These terms and conditions (“Referral Terms”) apply to anyone referring a friend, relative or colleague, whereby the Referred Customer(s) proceed to installation with  Heron Electrical Ltd, trading As Heron Electrical Ltd: Company number 10360486, hereinafter referred to as “Heron Electrical Ltd”, “we” or “us”.
By referring a potential Heron Electrical Ltd customer, you are taken to have agreed to be bound by these Referral Terms in full, therefore please read these Referral Terms carefully before participating in the Referral Scheme.
If you have any questions in respect of the Referral Scheme, or these Referral Terms please contact us direct at


In the context of these Referral Terms, the following words shall have the following meanings:
“Referring Customer/ Referrer/ you/ your” means, a previous or current Heron Electrical Ltd customer/ enquiry, who has chosen to refer a friend, relative or colleague following a positive experience of service.
“Referred Customer” means, the referred individual(s), by the Referring Customer (a previous Heron Electrical Ltd customer).
“Successful Referral” means, a person(s) who has successfully had a solar PV system fully completed by Heron Electrical Ltd, following a referral from the Referring Customer. The Referred Customer, has settled full payment, following their completed Solar PV installation by Heron Electrical Ltd, as a direct result of a Referring Customers referral under the Scheme.
“Scheme” means the “Referral Scheme”, which has been launched by Heron Electrical Ltd in conjunction with
“Heron Electrical/ Heron Electrical Ltd/ Company/ us/ we/ our” means, Heron Electrical Ltd (Company number 10360486).

Referring Process

The Referral Scheme commenced April 1st 2023, any Successful Referrals prior to April 1st 2023, are not eligible for the Reward.
By referring a friend, relative or colleague, you must ask the Referred Customer to state your name (the Referring Customer), at the time of enquiry, to ensure the referral has been logged correctly at Heron Electrical Ltd.
This Referral Scheme is unlimited, ensuring the rules are followed as outlined in these Referral Terms.
You may not refer yourself under this Referral Scheme.
You (Referring Customer) and the Referred Customer will not be eligible for the Referral Reward if:
• the Referee supplies their own materials and equipment for the installation;
• the Referred Customer does not identify you as the Referring Customer, at the time of initial enquiry;
• the Referring Customer is not a previous Heron Electrical Ltd Customer;
• the referral was prior to April 1st 2023.


The Referring Customer must be a previous Heron Electrical Ltd Customer/ Enquiry, whereby they have experienced service from Heron Electrical Ltd, of any nature of electrical installation, not just solar PV.
This Referral Scheme is only applicable for a full Solar PV system. No other nature of works (including battery only, EV charge point only, air source heat pump only, any other electrical services) is applicable for the Referral Scheme reward.
If a Referred Customer proceeds to installation and all financials are settled (paid in full), meaning your referral under this Referral Scheme is a Successful Referral, you (Referring Customer) and the Referred Customer(s) will be eligible for the Referral Reward subject to these Referral Terms.

Referral Reward

You will only qualify for the Referral Reward following a Successful Referral, as outlined in these detailed Referral Terms.
For every Successful Referral you will receive a Referral Reward which will be issued by Heron Electrical Ltd within 30 days following confirmation that your Referral was successful from Heron Electrical Ltd.
Upon each Successful Referral having a solar PV system installed with Heron Electrical Ltd, the relevant Referring Customer and the Referee will each receive a £100.00 Amazon e-voucher, in accordance with the Programme.
There is no limit on Successful Referrals.
You expressively acknowledge and agree that no direct financial reward will arise as a result of the Scheme and you shall not in any circumstances attempt to derive a financial or other benefit from the Scheme.
The Referral Reward is not transferrable and no cash alternative will be offered in place of the Referral Reward. Heron Electrical Ltd reserves the right in our absolute discretion to substitute a reward of equivalent or greater value if this is necessary.


This Referral Scheme is valid from April 1st 2023.
Heron Electrical Ltd ultimately has the final refusal on the entirety of the Scheme.
Heron Electrical Ltd reserves the right to:
• amend, modify, withdraw or terminate the Referral Scheme at any time, without notice;
• decrease or increase the monetary value/ type of reward at any time.
In the event of any dispute in connection with any Referral Reward, our decision will be final.
This Referral Scheme cannot be used in conjunction with any other incentive scheme which we may offer from time to time.
By participating in this Referral Scheme you acknowledge and accept these Referral Terms.
We will monitor compliance with the Referral Scheme. You will not be eligible for the Referral Reward in the event that:
• our reasonable opinion of the eligibility criteria in these Referral Terms is not met, or you have breached any of these Referral Terms;
• we have reasonable grounds to suspect fraud, abuse or misuse of the Referral Scheme;
• there are any discrepancies with the Referred Customer, such as outstanding final payment, will result in delay in you, and the Referred Customer both receiving the Reward;
• in the event that the Referred Customer does not pay in full, this will cease yours and the Referred Customers opportunity for the Reward.
We may delay issuing a Referral Reward in accordance with these Referral Terms, for the purposes of investigation or verification of the matters referred in these Referral Terms, and for any other reason where it is, our reasonable opinion, necessary or desirable to do so.

If you have any questions in respect of the Referral Scheme or these Referral Terms please contact us direct at

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